Safe & Healthy Environment

Our ward has a long-standing history of being an industrial ward. We should be proud of our history, but the future is green. I will work on investing in our communities by supporting efforts like “The Green New Deal” initiative which will focus on clean-energy jobs and infrastructure, meant to transform not just the energy sector, but the entire economy. I will support any efforts that will clean our environment and strengthen our local economy.


I believe that an elected school board is key to the success of our Chicago Public Schools. I will be transparent and inclusive when it comes to decision making in our wards and our city’s schools. I will fight against school closing. I will fight for investments in our schools for example, early childhood education, STEM programs and after school programs. Our children’s education is my priority.

Public Safety

I will work with our local community groups, CAPS members and the police to implement strategies to keep our streets safe. Our men and women in blue need our support and we must all work together to build a safer community for our families.

Independent Voice

I will stand up for ethics reform and against political corruption.


Our local economy needs investment all across the ward. I believe in empowering our community by embracing investments that will grow our economy in a fair, safe and equitable manner.